Employment Services

Job Seeker Services

    •    One on one OR group support
    •    Resume, Cover Letter and Interview Skill workshops
    •    Website registration for Job Seekers
    •    Posting of resume, cover letter and other relevant documentation as job advertisement dictates
    •    Profile updates options to ensure current and accurate information on regular basis
    •    View ALL posting positions
    •    Apply for position(s) of interest
    •    Vast pool of Employers
    •    Job alert notifications to job seekers email address

Employer Services

    •    Online job posting website
    •    Cost efficient method of recruiting job vacancies
    •    Focus on Treaty #3 job seekers (Approx 16000 people)
    •    Register once, and complete online posting fields to post advertised vacant position(s)
    •    The data can be kept online in electronic files supported by cloud technology
    •    One on one support – from job posting to the successful retaining of qualified candidate(s)