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Rainy River First Nations
Job Description (upload): 
Job Description: 

• Provide daily transportation to the appropriate medical facility for resident band members of the Rainy River First Nations.
• Transport dialysis patients as required to their dialysis appointments while maintaining a heightened awareness for them.
• Responsible for the provision of safe and courteous service to all dents/passengers.
• Advise all clients/passengers using the Rainy River First Nations Medical Van of the Rainy River First Nations' Medical Van Policy and ensure that the policy is complied with.
• Responsible for ensuring that all clients/passengers comply with Ontario Highway Traffic Act, including the use of seat belts and child safety carriers.
• Ensure that all baggage and assistive devices are secure in vehicle.
• Advise all clients/passengers of the Rainy River First Nations' Medical Van transportation schedule, including pick-up sites and scheduled return trips.
• Responsible for the care and control of the Rainy River First Nations' Medical Van while in his/her possession.
• Ensure that the Rainy River First Nations' Medical Van is parked and secure in the Medical Van Garage each day Monday to Friday.
• Keep the medical van clean inside and out. Daily inspections of vehicle fluids and tires.

Posting will remain open until filled.