Anishinaabeg of Kabapikotawangag Resource Council

P.O. Box 237
Sioux Narrows
P0X 1N0
(807) 226-4445

Basic Information

Primary contact: 
Juanita Jourdain-Kelly
Economic Development Advisor
Secondary contact: 
Madeline Parks
Director of Operations

Business Information

Business established: 
December, 1996
Mission Statement: 
To provide to the First Nations who are members of the Corporation, specific knowledge, expertise and/or assistance in the areas of governance, of the First Nations who are members, financial management of First Nations governance activities, community planning, technical services, economic development, education programs and strategic management of human, financial and natural resources available to those First Nations.
Vision Statement: 
The development and implementation of strategic initiatives that enhance the individual Anishinabe's ability to complete the life-cycle from infancy to elderhood in a socially, economically, politically and spirituality self-sufficient community.
Number of employees: 
Head office location: 
505 Kavanaugh Road, Highway 71

Job Postings

Environmental Technician Advisor

Close date: 
Position Location: 
Northwest Angle #33

Interim Language Advisor

Position Location: 
Northwest Angle #33

Interim Executive Assistant

Position Location: 
Northwest Angle #37

Executive Assistant

Close date: 
Position Location: 

Program Assistant

Close date: 
Position Location: