Fixed Plant Maintenance General

Terms of employment: 
Job Category: 
Maintenance and Trades
Position Location: 
New Gold - Rainy River Mine
Job Description: 

Key Responsibilities:
- The overall maintenance activities of the New Gold fixed plant in a safe, environmentally conscious, andproductive manner.
- Comply and promote with all health, safety, environment and other policies, procedures and requirements.
- Making every effort to meet or exceed the department KPI targets
- Prepare budgets and forecasts based on leading reliability centered practices and efficiencies
- Quantify and act on cost saving measures. Follow through with initiatives to ensure efficient fleet managementprocesses are followed.
- Complete routing inspections, actions to improve safety and promotion of New Gold values
- Having the Fixed Plant Supervisor personnel as direct reports
- Oversee the development of maintenance plans and ensure accuracy and efficiency of planned work
- Assist in the development and review of the budget for the department
- Participate in all regular meetings, including scheduling meeting, toolbox and contractor meetings etc. and act ondeliverables
- Tour work areas to advise and monitor progress and ensure the safety of the workers
- Communicate with fixed plant counterparts to understand issues pertaining to operations and creating actionplans to execute day to day maintenance
- Maintaining safe tidy work environments for the areas that Fixed Plant Maintenance is responsible for.
- Develop and maintain training strategy with training department for reports
- Developing employees with coaching, mentoring and arranging equipment specific training
- Ensure quality of work is completed by the team
- Conduct investigations for unsafe work infractions and loss of process events and report to management
- Ensure service equipment/tooling need are met for the department to conduct work safely and efficiently
- Provide and maintain proper tooling to complete required tasks
- Communicate with other departments and work in continuity for the best interest of the organization.

Close date: 
Friday, April 14, 2023