Lands & Natural Resources Manager

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Job Category: 
Lands and Resources
Position Location: 
Rainy River First Nations
Job Description (upload): 
Job Description: 

The Lands and Natural Resources Manager is responsible for the overall management and administration of all Rainy River First Nations’ lands and for overseeing natural resources consultation requests and community engagement and environmental education activities. Duties may require travel both within the province and on occasion into the United States.

Primary Accountabilities Include:
• Overseeing the implementation of the RRFN Land Code.
• Participating in and/or facilitating a variety of committees, round table discussions, technical and public meetings as a representative of Rainy River First Nations.
• Handling public/media relations and promote the Rainy River First Nations Lands Department.
• Collaborating with Rainy River First Nations and the Claims Implementation Coordinator to ensure proper management of Rainy River First Nation’s land.
• Facilitating and coordinating projects and engage with a wide variety of stakeholders to support land/resource management decisions and resolve complex stewardship issues.
• Consulting with proponents of natural resource extraction projects in Rainy River First Nations’ traditional territory (i.e.: mining, forestry, etc.).
• Managing Rainy River First Nations lands including negotiating leases and service agreements, ensuring annual taxes and fees are paid.
• Developing, negotiating and maintaining cross-sectoral partnerships with First Nations and Tribes, Tribal Council, all levels of governments, business, NGOs, educational institutions, and landowners.
• Overseeing financial activities of the program and provide reporting as required.

This position is open until filled.