Security Coordinator

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New Gold - Rainy River Mine
Job Description (upload): 
Job Description: 


•    Administer and coordinate all security and intelligence operations at mine site
•    Supervise, develop, coach and coordinate the work of the security team
•    Monitor the performance of security personnel and report on their performance
•    Coordinate and manage incident responses to alarms, emergencies, and unusual situations
•    Reporting any security concerns to the Asset Protection Manager.
•    Ability to complete investigations by following up leads, taking statements and documenting the investigation into our security incident reporting system Perspective
•    Ability to review investigational files, add comments and provide direction to officers during their investigation
•    Attending to other task as directed by the Asset Protection Manager
•    Incorporating safety in all aspects of the security program
•    Coordinating security response activities, recording security events and prepare activity reports
•    Responding to security and emergency incidents
•    Conducting searches in the designated area or elsewhere as required, in accordance with New Gold policies and procedures
•    Physically fit with the ability to walk, negotiate stairs and stand for long periods on regular basis.
•    Supports all the product security requirements and initiatives to prevent theft of gold bearing material.
•    Becoming part of the ERT/Fire Protection and Mine Rescue team