Youth Worker

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Youth Services
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Thunder Bay
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Job Description: 
This position is responsible for the direct care and supervision of youth who are placed in the facility. The position provides young persons in the program with a living environment that is safe, stable and emotionally supportive while ensuring that security functions are met. Staff are required to perform a variety of security functions to ensure the care and supervision of youth while also ensuring the safety of centre, staff and the public. Duties: A Direct Service 1. Carry out admissions, discharges, and transfers of youth, in accordance with agency procedures. 2. Assist in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of Case Management Reintegration Plans (CMRP’S) for assigned residents. 3. Assist in the development and implementation of in-house and community programming. 4. Supervise youth in the facility and deal with behaviours in accordance with agency policy and procedure. 5. Assume individual worker role as assigned. 6. Assist with organization and preparation of meals as required. 7. Work in compliance with the Act and Regulations (Section 28 (1) (a)). 8. Actively participate in the ongoing upkeep of a safe, clean living environment. B Administrative 1. Complete required recording, logs, etc, in accordance with agency procedure. 2. Attend and participate in meetings as required. C Other 1. Assist in orientation of new employees. 2. Assist with supervision of students assigned to the facility. 3. Actively participate in regular supervision and performance reviews. 4. Organize and prepare meals as required. 5. Complete other duties related to supervision of youth, as required from time to time. Appendix to Job Description Youth Worker “A” Duties routinely completed in the performance of this job: 1) Observe all phases of youth behaviour including level of participation in programs. 2) Asses the youth’s behaviour and progress. 3) Ensure youth are supervised at all times. 4) Administer standard first aid and prescribed medication as required. 5) Orient youth regarding their rights and responsibilities. 6) Working in the classroom, as assigned. 7) Deal with acting behaviour while ensuring the safety of both staff and residents. 8) Report major infractions to the supervisor. 9) Document youth behaviour and progress; and all incidents. 10) Assist in the planning and implementation of staff meetings and training sessions. 11) Assist with schedules, assignments, supervision, training and evaluation of students assigned to the facility. 12) Perform bailiff duties as required. 13) Security as follows: a) Monitor the condition of the physical plant, as required, and security systems and advise supervisor of any concerns, as required. b) Conduct security and other procedures which are essential for the operation of the facility. c) Supervise youth at all times. d) Conduct personal searches of youth in accordance with policy. e) Respond to facility emergencies as required. f) Report major infractions to supervisors. 14) Do not engage in any prank, contest, feat of strength, unnecessary running or rough and boisterous conduct (Section 28 (2) (b))
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Friday, June 9, 2023
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1014 Oliver Road, PO Box 10632
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Youth Worker